God Is Raising Up Apostles

Everywhere I go I see young men that God is raising up as future apostles. He is calling them out, speaking to them often for the first time about their calling, and setting them on a life-long journey to becoming Master Builders and powerful men of God in the Kingdom and in the Church that Jesus is building. On the ministry trip I am currently on – the very first full day I was here I spotted one. His name is Jamie and today I am having lunch with him.

I now know from experience of many years ministering that on every trip there will be at least one person God will point out who is apostolic and who is being called to be an apostle. It is as regular as clockwork. However, it is always a great surprise (maybe because of whom He chooses) and a cause for rejoicing. It is never routine nor boring. I am always excited when I find that person I now know God has brought me to the place to encourage and call out.

It is obvious that God is changing the landscape in His Kingdom. He is raising up apostles so that there will be anointed and powerful leaders who will lead to way in the world-wide expansion of the Kingdom and the planting of the Gospel in every nation. They will not be well known or become famous. They will be simple servants of the living God who are answering the call of God on their lives to be Master Builders and lead the way in the expansion of the Kingdom. They are also called to “equip the saints” and so we will see many training schools being formed and birthed as part of the vision of these young people as they grow into their calling and begin to walk it out full-time.

I am excited that I can play a part in this move of the Holy Spirit. Even if it is a small part – spotting and calling out these young people. And, it is a great joy to be one of many who will mentor them and walk with them as they enter into their training time and then are released to take those first faltering steps into apostolic ministry. Each of these men will need many people praying for them and a number of others who will stand on either side of them to encourage, support, train, mentor, and walk with them.

Regretfully many are called but few choose to follow. I see, on average, one in three who take the prophetic call of God to be an apostle seriously when they first hear it. Some begin well but don’t continue because the road is not always easy and requires a great deal of time building relationally and learning the way they are to go from an older apostle. Many simply don’t put the effort into building relationally and growing in their understanding of their calling. But the few who do are going to be used powerfully by the Lord.

Picture: Jamie Overholt – a young man called to be an apostle whom I called out on Sunday morning in Ohio…and am meeting with several times this week. We will be ministering together this coming weekend.

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