God is Constantly Moving

I am in the middle of an apostolic trip into the state of Ohio in the United States of America. I am holding behind the scenes meetings with leaders every day, working in public services on the weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and building relationships with numerous leaders in three churches as well as renewing some relationships in the Village of Butler where I am living while here – staying with my mentor and his wife.

It has been a good trip with much accomplished as we look at transitioning the host church from pastoral to apostolic as well as transitioning the leadership to the next generation. On the weekends in all three churches I will be doing public ministry teaching and prophesying. This is a typical work schedule when in churches in North America. Very different than the schedule I keep when overseas working. Much less pressure as fewer public meetings and more “down time” when building relationally and coming to know leaders in an informal setting.

Thanks for praying for this trip and all that is happening. You can keep up-to-date through daily “mission” blogs on my ministry web site. I look forward to bringing a report (along with the long overdue one on my trip to kazakhstan) in December when I am in Saskatchewan for the whole month.

God is so good to us and is moving in wonderful ways whenever and wherever He finds a heart that is open to Him. As we approach the Christmas season – remember to not become too wrapped up in gifts, shopping, and special events for the family. Take a little extra time to think about the birth of Jesus Christ and what it really means to you personally that God became man, incarnate in Jesus.

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