God Has a Wonderful Plan For Your Life – Part Three

Remember to read Parts One and Two first…

In short, God’s love is not a plan but a story, a story of love that is stronger than death. What makes the story unpredictable is that God invites us to author parts of it ourselves.

That is not to say that God is some distant, deistic being who has abandoned the love story. I trust that God is up to something BIG in this theodrama, and that we fit into that larger story in some way that will always escape us. I trust also that God will intervene and act and love us personally; that anything small enough to worry about is big enough to pray and talk to God about.

“God is in control.” Well, yes, that’s called Providence. But Providence doesn’t mean we can’t mess things up terribly, and ruin our lives, and destroy other people and the planet. “God is in control” only means we know how the story ends.

“Everything that ahppens for the best.” Not true. Everything that happens is decidely not for the best. But the providence and sovereignty of God can ring to the best everything that happens.

What’s better than a divine plan? Divine providence, divine protection, and divine promises. A life of adventure lived with these in mind and caution thrown to the wind. There is a tremendous daily encounter and experience with God waiting for us ‘out there’ if we will simply leave “in here” – the place of safety, security, comfort, and a planned life.

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