God Has a Pattern

God has always shown a desire to be in fellowship with human beings and to provide for their needs. Sadly, that desire was spoiled through our disobedience in the garden. After God SCATTERED Adam and Eve by casting them out of the garden, we see a recurring pattern that unfolds in the Scriptures: a cycle of SCATTERING and GATHERING.

The human race GATHERS together in pride at the Tower of Babel, and God SCATTERS them. People from every nation under heaven GATHER on the day of Pentecost to hear about God’s mighty deeds, and they are SCATTERED back to their peoples to bring the message of the gospel. The early Church GATHERED to celebrate God’s redemptive work through Jesus, yet they were soon SCATTERED by persecution and the move of God’s Spirit.

GATHERING and SCATTERING go together just like love and marriage. That is just the way God set things up! He chose to GATHER a people to Himself from among the SCATTERED peoples of the world. And, He is still at work today, SCATTERING His GATHERED Church to the ends of the earth. He SCATTERS us to proclaim His glory and His goodness among those who have yet to be GATHERED. If we want to honor God’s intentions, we must recognize that it is not really about GATHERING or SCATTERING. It is about both!

We are GATHERED as disciples to be discipled, trained and equipped. We are SCATTERED as disciples to “go into all the world and make more disciples.” It take both GATHERING and SCATTERING to be a healthy and whole disciple and to have a healthy, growing Church.

In your life – are you simply ignoring both issues and neither GATHERING with the saints or SCATTERING among the unbelievers? In your life – are you GATHERING to be fed and then not SCATTERING and so you are becoming spiritually lazy and fat? In your life – are you GATHERING and SCATTERING? Both are needed for a healthy relationship with the Lord and His people.

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