God Has a Neat Way of Doing Things

When I was last in Kazakhstan I was invited to be a part of a conference being held in March 2012 in Turkey. There I will be meeting with pastors and leaders from many nations of the former Soviet Union. This past week in Russia I have been invited by a Russian national to accompany him to Chine to minister to the underground church. I would be training leaders and especially ministering on the baptism in the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts that come with it – training and equipping 250 underground pastors and leaders.

I have also met with a pastoral couple who were originally from Kirgizstan and are now church planting and pastoring in Yekaterinburg, Russia who invited me to minister in 2012 to the Church in Kirgizstan which is in great difficulty and in need of much encouragement and training. There were excited to meet me and very interested in seeing the gifts and calling the Lord has blessed me with available to their people back home.

During our 20+ hours on the train going into Siberia on Monday we planned the dates for both of these trips as we believe that these offers are from God and in answer to our prayers over the past year and several prophetic insights that He gave to me personally about the next few years of this ministry and its expansion.

So you go to one nation to meet someone from another nation to be invited to even a third nation. God has a neat way of doing things.

Today is Wednesday and although we are centered in and living in the city of Nyagan we are traveling out 3 hours each morning to surrounding communities to bless them and minister to Church leaders and their people. 6 hours of driving each day and 12 to 15 hours of ministry and meetings. It is stretching us a bit spiritually and physically but the Lord’s grace is enabling and empowering us in many neat ways. Please continue to pray for our team here in Siberia and for the people we minister to daily as well as the planning going on to set in motion many of the trips for year-end and into 2012 including these two new offers – China and Kirgizstan. Your prayers are powerful and greatly appreciated.

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