Go Figure…

As we were going through a very long security line to board the flight got to talking with the young fellow in line in front of me. Great chat as over a half hour spent crawling forward in line a few inches at a time.

Finally we got up to the front of the security line. He takes his laptop out of the bag as per directions on the sign. Throws his water bottle into the garbage can as directed by the signs. He then takes some electronic stuff out of the backpack and places them in the tray provided. Then they ask him to remove his jewelry especially his watch and neck chain; then his shoes; then his belt holding up his pants. Then his sweater – I am not joking. It was one thing after another. And he turned to me with a look on his face like he was asking for help. Not sure what I could have done. But, obviously, he was concerned bordering on naked.

I’m thinking “if this keeps up he won’t be wearing much of anything very shortly here”. Second thought “wonder if they think he is a terrorist with a bomb strapped to his waist and so a threat to security.” Third thought and even closer to home “what if they ask me to take my belt off.” Could be trouble as I have lost some weight and the old pants might not stay up like they use to. Didn’t happen. Guess I look innocent and trustworthy. Probably just look too old to bother considering me a threat.

Well, both the young man and I were relieved when they stopped having him remove items and let him go through the metal detector. He still set the system off. Go figure!

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