Global Discipleship Schools International – Judy

I don’t think I fully realize all that Global Discipleship Training has done in my life. I feel it is a greater impact than I ever realized, of growing into God’s purposes for my life.

I started out just going to the section on prayer, and that was all I intended to do at first. With some insight and encouragement from others, I decided to continue. It has been an awesome time learning about God’s Word and God’s ways in fellowship with other classmates. It’s hard to believe we have completed Level 3 and are going on to further development of our character and our mission.

I am ever indebted to Ralph for giving of his life, his time, and his knowledge to lead and teach us. I also feel indebted to my class mates who accepted me the way I am and loved me anyway. They also helped me to grow and develop, as we interacted together and sometimes rubbed each other the wrong way.  We have developed lasting friendships through all our times together.

Global Discipleship Training is so worthwhile as you follow Jesus. As you study and learn and grow with others, you will grow closer to God’s plans and purposes for your life. It’s an affordable way to take Bible training and be discipled.

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