Glendale, California

God is so amazing – seriously amazing. When His people are hungry for more of Him He feeds them. When the hearts of His people are open to Him He proves Himself loyal. He is not looking for ability – He is looking for availability. And when He finds a people who want to fulfill His will He moves powerfully, frequently, and even continuously.

I am in the city of Glendale, California where there are 500,000 Armenians. They have come to this place with nothing but hope and faith in God. They have established churches; there are ten Christian radio stations in the Armenian language; there is a 24/7 Christian television station, and the churches are reaching out to friends and neighbours as well as running services in the park and shopping malls. They are impacting their people. The city. the major of the city is an Armenian Christian. God has given me the opportunity to teach these excited believers about the baptism in the Holy Spirit, the gifts, and how to prophesy both in the Church as well as to non-believers. Every day here this week is different. But, every day is filled with the power of God touching lives and changing them forever. It is an honor and privilege to be here and being used of God to transform the Kingdom perspective of these Armenian believers. Services are five hours in length and everyone stays to the end as they don’t want to miss all that God is doing.

God is wanting to manifest Himself each and every time believers gather together. He is wanting to manifest Himself – His presence and His power – every time a believer steps out in faith to share the Gospel of the Kingdom.God is wanting to manifest Himself each time we meet with Him privately and deepen our relationship with Him. The only thing that stops Him demonstrating His power and presence releasing miracles, signs, and wonders is us.

When we gather, what are we believing for? If we are believing for nothing then nothing is what we will experience. I, for one, am tired of nothingness… I am believing that the regular experience we as believers should be experiencing daily is one where God manifests Himself in power and changes lives forever.

Please stand in faith with me believing God and what He has spoken and recorded in His Word.

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