From a Move of God to a Mausolem

The seven stages of a ‘Move of God’ – From Life to Death

God MOVES upon a person – Seriously touches life with great “implications in (their) life”
Holy Spirit comes and hammers on a person

As is happening today

As seen in some of the stories in “The God Chasers”

As has happened many times in the past

Basic to every church and denomination at its start

Basic to this move


Key: No structure / just life


This person touches others with the change and the power to change


Life “begats” life







KEY: Still little or no structure


If structure – it supports life


Jerusalem – Judea – Samaria and whole world


Well, a tad bit of structure but only when necessary to support life


Organism – not organization


Life and power


This movement learns that certain things work for them and others don’t


Life happens when they do this


Life does not happen when …



More structure is introduced


So, a METHOD is devised to spread what initially touched this

person and his followers


Problem is that METHOD takes on a life of its own


How we do it more important than what is accomplished.


The next generation needs to experience things for themselves


Life and power begin to either fade or be replaced


Structure is enforced “upon” the organism (body) and it

becomes an organization


The methods continue even when all life has gone out of them when into 2nd and 3rd generations.


Structure with little life


In the next generation (15 to 20 years) it becomes a memory.


MEMORY – “sentiment in our hearts”


KEY: No life


Azusa Street


Holiness Movement


Latter Rains Revival


Charismatic Movement


Word-Faith Movement




“Having a form of godliness but denying its power”




Man’s wisdom and skills




Grieves the Spirit



Soon even the MEMORY fades.



Move – Movement – Method – Memory 1 All structure and no life


MONUMENT is then seen

As the memory fades we then have a monument


KEY: Absolutely no life and all structure


Large churches and institutions just doing Religion – This involves






It has now become just another religion.


Methods are evaluated and set in concrete


“Good enough for Paul…”


Organization without life


The monument soon becomes a MONSTROSITY


A monster controlling people


A monster killing any spiritual life that might try to sneak in


Eating up people by controlling and manipulating


Fighting each and every succeeding move of the Spirit


The monstrosity soon becomes a MAUSOLEUM


Death reigns


Structure killing any life that might appear


Organization and not an organism (body)



Here the Spirit of God moves and brings a time of refreshing




Fire of God


A fresh and new move of the Spirit


God moves on those who “hunger and thirst”



The cycle begins again with a few responding to what the Spirit is doing


The remnant


The MOVE of the Spirit


Historic examples


God MOVES on John Wesley


Others are effected and we have a MOVEMENT


Certain things seemed to work (small groups) and so we have METHOD



Life ebbs and structure increases but less actual experience of God and we have a MEMORY


Leadership dies and soon even the memory fades and we have a MONUMENT


In time the monument becomes a MONSTROSITY that kills life


We see death reign and the Spirit quenched and we have a MAUSOLEUM


God’s Spirit MOVES and we have the Free Methodists …


The same can happen in every church


The same can happen in a person’s life





God MOVES and brings life


As the life grows He then allows STRUCTURE


Only what structure is absolutely needed to support and sustain life


When structure no longer needed then it should be removed/allowed to die


If we do otherwise we will hinder the MOVE of the Spirit and in time inevitably go down the tubes


Move – movement – method – memory – monument – monstrosity – mausoleum


The cycle continues until “BROKENNESS” is a reality and a visitation becomes a habitation


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