Friday Moving Forward

It is mid-afternoon Friday as I write this. I left early this morning for an appointment with a Church of God pastor and one of his leaders. They were asking about how to grow a church and especially how to attract more young people. It was a 2.5 hour conversation. Lively and interactive. Hopefully they went away with lots to think about – power, the supernatural, redesigning the Sunday service, evangelism of younger people and how that is different than 10 years ago, encountering God and experiencing His power, structure, message and method… I know those who were also in the meeting (a young couple I am mentoring and working with while here) learned a lot.

Then 3.5 hours with Jamie and Ruth discussing the things we have been talking about and the new insights into themselves and their ministry as well as what The Lord is doing today. They feel “wrecked” by it all because it has been like taking a drink of water from a fire hydrant. They feel overwhelmed by all they have heard and what they are learning about themselves, ministry, and the church. They are great students and easy to mentor – always coming with questions and making maximum use of every minute not wanting to waste time or even pass the time – they are wanting to grow and develop and mature in the things of The Lord. A pure joy to be with and to teach.

Tonight I am having supper with two leadership couples from the local church with whom I have been working all week. An in-depth discussion of the many changes they have been going through as a local church since my brief visit in the summer (2.5 days with them) and then all they are seeing since the changes began to take effect. So, a great evening to cast vision and move some of the leaders along a bit in the transition to an apostolic-prophetic model of the Church. Hopefully home early (before midnight) as the nights have been later and I am getting tired.

Saturday (for prayer):
7:15 Breakfast with the former senior pastor and a deacon who is no longer functioning as a deacon. Discussion arising out of a night meeting earlier in the week.
10:00 Meeting with the former pastor and his wife and the new pastor and his wife to discuss the transition and some of the decisions made earlier by a retiring group of older leaders
2:00p Preparation time
4:00p Meeting with my hosts and driving to evening meeting (1 hour away)
6:00p Evening service
12:00 midnight – end of day…

9:00a Travel to Marion, Ohio
10:00a Service
1:00p Lunch meeting
3:00p Drive to evening service location – Mount Vernon
4:00p Preparation time
6:00p Evening service in Mount Vernon, Ohio

I have received several invites to minister in other churches the next time I am here… the list of churches I am working with as an apostolic voice and advisor continues to grow. Please pray.

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