Friday Morning Praise Report

It was a terrific night on Thursday – ministering to couples only at a combined service of Revival Rains Church and the Armenian Four Square Gospel Church. The service was 4 hours long and we could have gone longer but my interpreter had to go collect his child from the babysitter. So, because the older members don’t speak English we needed to stop. Some of the young people who do speak English migrated to the pastor’s home where I am also staying… and at 1:30 they left as some of them needed to get up at 3:00a to go to work. It was a very refreshing and encouraging night.

Today we are working on details for the service tonight which is the start of an all day school on prophecy tomorrow (Saturday) running from 11:00a to 6:00p with lunch provided. People have had to register to come and the response has been better than great. Jesus is so good. His people are so hungry. They are being fed God’s Word through the teaching of His Word and through the prophetic.

Tonight we have an open, public service with several hundred expected to attend. I have been asked to give my testimony and so will do as asked. Tomorrow, as I mentioned, a “school of prophecy” with a very limited time frame. I will need to decide today what content I will teach and in what order I will teach it. The time frame will really prevent me from doing more than touching the surface of all the vast amount of material I have and could teach on the subject. Your prayers for wisdom and guidance regarding my preparation would be greatly appreciated.

Please pray for the many pastors and their leaders who will be in attendance tomorrow. Pray that they will be blessed and encouraged. Pray that they will see the need for the prophetic in their local church. Pray that doors for future ministry to the Armenian churches here will open as a result of tomorrow day long meeting.

Sunday I will be ministering in the Armenian Four Square Gospel church in the morning and at Revival Rains Church in the afternoon. Pray for wisdom and for God’s power to be demonstrated during both services and meetings with pastors throughout the rest of the day.

Your prayers are greatly appreciated and very powerful.

Picture: Young people fellowshipping at 1:00a with Pastor Loris…

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