Friday in Ohio

Quiet first part of the morning working on some calendar work and planning up to the end of June, 2014. Then out to visit someone who lost a 13 year old just after Christmas. A family I am close to. A coffee at a local coffee shop owned by a Christian – as good as Starbucks in the small town of Bellville, Ohio. Then in to Mount Vernon to meet with a young guy who I have grown to appreciate. Pastor Bill and I visited with him as we brought him from the stone age into the Apple age – his first Apple iPhone and iPad. The start of a major learning curve.

Then a visit with a guy who dropped into the pastor’s home regarding a healing ministry. Then, I had opportunity to learn a few things regarding my own Apple products – things that will help immensely with my work and with my administrator working with me. Technology is wonderful. As we were driving to and from we planned some of the events that will take place during my next visit and other church family things were shared as we drove through the beautiful rolling hills of Ohio.

As this blog is published I will be in an elders and wife supper meeting. We do this meeting every visit and it is a great night. Food, fun, fellowship and an opportunity to share what I have seen and sense prophetically about the local church here. So, a good night but a work evening as well.

Starting tomorrow I will be working a little with The River but mainly with Overcomers Church in Mount Vernon as well as The Upper Room in Mount Vernon, New Life in Orrville, Ohio as well as Apex Church in Marion, Ohio. I will be meeting with the senior leader of the Marion Christian Centre during next week as well. We have not met although I have ministers to a member of his staff. This will, I am sure, open the door to ministering in their church on my next time in Ohio.

Please continue to pray. greatly appreciated.

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