Friday in Kazakhstan

It is Friday and it is my first full day in Kazakhstan. It is a familiar setting as I am here twice a year and this is either my 6th or 7th visit and it is good to see old friends and be making new ones. Already while in Kyrgyzstan I received a number of emails and Facebook connections asking to meet with me while here in this nation. Of course, that is up to the pastors that I am here working for but definitely a possibility. I always like meeting with young men whom God is working with and who have a call upon their life to eventually minister full-time.

The schedule is full – services usually twice a day and appointments in-between as many pastors want to sit and talk through issues they are having in their churches or they have questions they are looking for answers to. It is always exciting to be able to be used by the Lord and see God’s leaders in this part of the nation touched in a fresh way by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Included in my seven days here is a three day leaders school that is always well attended. This year the topic is “Leadership for the Supernatural Church.” Still sorting through all the possible material that could be taught and, of course, listening intently to all those I am talking with to see where things are at and what has changed since my last visit to this nation. In this way I can teach right to the heart of the issues they are facing and give to them practical help and advice and not just theory. Much is designed and put together on the go – late at night, early in the morning, or during the time another team member is teaching. Thank God for computers and hard drives where so much raw material can be stored.

Please pray for the team and the pastors and people we will be ministering to. This is a church under severe persecution as the government attempts to level more controls upon them. They (and we) could rally use a powerful prayer base over the next seven days. Thanks for joining me in this project and apostolic trip.

Picture is of several men (evangelists) working with Muslims in Russia and Kyrgyzstan

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