Fresh Insights Into Apostles – Part Six

As we look briefly each day at the life and calling of apostles today we quickly see that apostles are pioneers. In fact, when prophetically calling out young people and letting them know that the Lord is calling them to be apostolic the word “pioneer” is often spoken as part of the prophetic word over them.

Since apostles are set in the Church FIRST by God, they have what I call a PIONEERING anointing. A pioneer is defined as one of the first to settle in a territory. To pioneer means to open or prepare for others to follow.

Apostles have the anointing to invade new areas of revelation (receiving new understanding of old truths as well as new ways to present these truths), ministry, or geographies. They are PATHFINDERS and TRAILBLAZERS.

Without pioneers, we would become stagnant as a Church lacking movement into new areas of ministry – both geographically as well as in methods and models of ministry. Pioneers keep us moving ahead. They keep us on the “cutting edge.” They help us “set a course” for the future. Others are blessed by the courage, vision, and strength of the PIONEERS. Others move into “new areas” because the way is first cleared and made straight by the pioneer.

Apostles as pioneers preach new insights into established truths, plant new churches, establish new believers, and invade new territories with the Gospel of the Kingdom. Pioneers are not satisfied with “settling down”. They must advance and plant churches until all the land is possessed.

As a result of being “pioneers” apostles have what is often referred to as a Breakthrough Anointing. Breakthrough is defined as an act or instance of breaking through an obstruction; an offensive thrust that penetrates and carries beyond a defensive line in warfare (Webster).

Pioneers have the ability to break through ignorance, fear, and other obstacles that keep men from advancing. Apostolic ministry has the ability to penetrate the defenses set up by the powers of darkness. This is why it is FIRST. Someone must breakthrough first before any significant progress can be made. Someone must have the courage, ability, and power to BREAKTHROUGH the obstacles set up by the enemy. Apostolic preaching and teaching has this penetrating power.

We must be able to breakthrough tradition, religion, ignorance, poverty, witchcraft, pride, rebellion, etc. The apostle has the anointing to break through these things that people might be “set free” to walk in the truth. Nations, cities and regions are “opened up” because of this breakthrough anointing. Without this “breakthrough” anointing, areas remain closed to the truth. This is why it is so difficult to breakthrough in some cities, nations or groups of people. These areas and people need a “SENT ONE”. They need apostolic ministry. When apostles are sent into a region, they have the ability through the anointing to penetrate the darkness and bring light and revelation to the people. There is no substitute for the apostle. This ministry is like a “battering ram” against the citadels of the enemy.

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