Fresh Insights Into Apostles – Part Seventeen

Apostles Care for Local Churches

Apostles care for local churches. As mentioned in the last several posts of this series of blogs – apostles not only plant local churches but they also work with churches that others have planted and that are needing apostolic input and work within foundational issues. In addition to these prime focuses of apostolic ministry apostles also care for local churches. Paul states, “And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches.” The Phillips translation says, “I have the daily burden of responsibility for all the churches.”

Apostles carry local churches in their hearts and prayers. They speak correction into the life of the church and are responsible for order in the churches that receive them relationally as apostles. Apostolic
ministry is graced by God to care for and oversee local churches – the health of the church, the direction and vision of the church, as well as the release and flow of the supernatural power and gifts of the Holy Spirit which they are called to impart (Romans 1:11) As well, they speak into the life and ministry of the pastors and leaders of these churches.

Apostles know the importance of the local church. They know that local churches must remain strong in order to reach people with the gospel and disciple new believers. They understand the spiritual warfare involved in trying to plant and maintain healthy and growing churches. Apostles view the churches they plant and oversee the same way a Father views his children. They nourish and cherish these churches and have a responsibility from heaven to oversee them. The apostle’s greatest joy comes in seeing churches birthed, growing and fully developing into a strong fellowship in the area in which it was planted functioning with its own leadership team and following the vision, plan and purpose God has spoken for them as they also focus on and fulfill the Great Commission and thus begin to reproduce both disciples and new churches as they reach out into all their world.

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