Fresh Insights Into Apostles – Part Nineteen

One of the key functions of those who are apostles is to see the grace upon the lives of the people in a local church and prophetically speak forth their callings and then impart and activate the gifts of the Holy Spirit needed to fulfill that calling. This is the first of many steps over a number of years for those called into ministry. They must now be discipled, trained, equipped and mentored. Their call must be recognized by the leaders of the local church and then, in time, they will be commissioned and released into ministry through the local church who have witnessed the call in action and the person’s character development so that they can minister as mature and developed leaders. This is to say that apostles ordain elders and other leaders – especially other five-fold ministers.

“And when they had appointed elders for them in every church, with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord in whom they had believed.” Acts 14:23. Apostles ordain and set elders in place to govern local congregations. Apostles have the wisdom and discernment to recognize and appoint elders who are called and qualified. Apostolic ministry is necessary to set up and release proper leadership in the local church. Not only do they ordain, but they impart into leadership as well. Apostles impart wisdom, gifting and teaching into leaders chosen by the Lord equipping and training them for leadership positions. They also train and instruct potential leaders (leaders-in-training) and release them at the proper time. Their main focus, of course, is those called to the five-fold ministry as apostles are foundational to the training and equipping of all five ministries.

Remember, everything rises and falls on leadership. As the leadership goes, the church follows. I believe apostles have the anointing to raise up strong leadership for local churches. Elders who are exposed to apostolic anointing will receive the strength and giftings they need to become strong leaders in the house of God, and if called, strong five-fold ministry leaders trans-locally.

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