Fresh Insights Into Apostles – Part Four

The Bible states that – Apostles Have Been Set in the Church by God
And God hath set some in the church, first apostles, secondarily prophets, thirdly teachers … 1 Corinthians 12:28

The word “set” is the Greek word tithemi meaning to place, appoint, ordain, put or settle. To ordain means to establish or order by appointment, decree, or law.

Apostolic ministry is ordained by God. Regardless of what men think or believe, this ministry has been ordained by God’s appointment. Apostolic ministry is fruitful because it is chosen and ordained of God (John 15:16). Any ministry set and ordained by the Lord will be fruitful in spite of opposition or misunderstanding.

Apostles are set IN THE CHURCH. As long as there is “a Church”, apostles will be a part. The Scripture does not say God set them only in the “EARLY CHURCH” or the “CHURCH OF THE BOOK OF ACTS” but “THE CHURCH”. This includes the present day Church.

There are many who teach and believe that apostles are not for “TODAY”. If there are still teachers in the Church (mentioned as thirdly in the Scripture above), there are still apostles. If there are still “diversities of tongues” (mentioned last in the Scripture), there are still apostles.

The Bible states that – Apostles are Set in the Church by God First

God is a God of order, and His Word states that apostolic ministry is FIRST. “First” is the Greek word proton meaning firstly in time, place, order or importance. It also means before, at the beginning, chiefly, or first of all.

If the Church is to be successful, we must operate according to the law of FIRST THINGS. This law recognized God’s order in all things. When God says, “first”, He doesn’t mean second, third, fourth, or when we get around to it; He means FIRST. If we fail to recognize God’s order, we will not receive the fullness of blessing in what we do.

We have been guilty of overlooking this order because we have either 1) not been taught it; 2) did not see it clearly; or 3) simply rejected it. Tradition has also made this word of none effect (Mark 7:13).

Because of tradition many would rather call someone a “reverend”, a “doctor”, a “superintendent”, or a “bishop”; but very seldom an APOSTLE. Many have ignored, avoided and attacked the office of the apostle. But God is restoring this ministry to the Church, and giving us a revelation of its purpose and function.

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