Fresh Insights Into Apostles – Part Five

The Bible states that – Apostolic Ministry is First in Time

The Church was started and birthed through apostolic ministry. “First in time” means it must be recognized at the start or beginning. Churches need to be birthed and started through apostolic ministry.

Everything has a beginning. This is called the law of Genesis. Everything has a beginning and reproduces after its kind. If something begins wrong, it will usually end wrong. If it begins right, it has a better chance of ending right.

Apostles are usually the first ones to go into geographical regions to preach, to establish and plant churches, etc. They are often the first to preach certain revelations that God is releasing into the earth. Every field of study has “apostles”.

There are pioneers in medicine, economics, aviation, law, civil rights, etc. These are the first people to have significant breakthroughs in their fields. It is the same in the realm of the spirit.

The apostle Peter was to experience break throughs among the Jews. The apostle Paul among the Gentiles. Nations, regions, cities and denominations all have apostles. These are the first IN TIME to preach a truth, establish a church, or experience a breakthrough in a nation, city, region, etc.

The Bible states that – Apostolic Ministry is First in Rank

Rank is defined as a degree or position of dignity, eminence, or excellence, a grade of official standing (Webster). Even though we are all equal in Christ as to salvation, there are different ranks in the spirit. Different ranks carry different degrees of authority and power.

One of the definitions of “first” is chiefly. This means according to the highest rank or office, of greatest importance, significance, or influence.

Just as there is rank in the military, there is also rank in the “army of God”. There is rank in the spirit realm. There is rank in the Godhead. There is rank among angels. There is even rank among evil spirits. All authority and power is based upon rank. We must be able to receive, walk in, and discern different rankings in the spirit.

Evil spirits recognize spiritual rank. Every believer has rank to cast out devils. Apostles walk and minister in the highest rank. Evil spirits and angels must recognize and respect their rank. They have enough rank in the Spirit to command, decree and rebuke with authority.

Their rank is within their sphere of authority. In other words, they have rank in the areas they have been assigned to by God.

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