Fresh Insight Into Apostles – Part Eleven

One of the basic and foundational ministries of apostles is to establish, set forth, and teach correct doctrines in the local church – especially to the leaders of the Church.

The Bible states that in the early Church the disciples “continued stedfastly in the apostles’ doctrine…” Acts 2:42

It is good to notice, it is called “the apostles’ doctrine” (plural) not the apostle’s doctrine (singular). No one man has all the truth and revelation. No one man can set himself up as the presenter of all truth. Together the apostles have a fuller revelation of the basic doctrines of the faith as well as a fuller grasp of the “times and seasons” that the Church is currently going through. This was one of the keys to the Church’s success in the book of Acts—apostolic doctrine. And, it is a seriously needed today in all nations of the world as false doctrines and “every wind of doctrine” infiltrate the Church of Jesus Christ. The Church is in serious need of strong apostolic ministry – in print, on-line, and in the pulpits today. With so much false doctrine being taught in the body of Christ today, we desperately need the ministry of the apostle!

The doctrine of a true apostle does not proceed from man but from heaven (John 7:15-17). They minister with revelation that cannot be taught by a man. When the Church leaves apostolic doctrine, the result is apostasy.

One warning – we teach by revelation but this is not an excuse or an open door to teach whatever we want and blame it on the Holy Spirit. The revelations being received are to be fresh insights into old truths – not some new truth that takes a church into heresy. Everything must be tested to the totality of the Scriptures and the teachings of the Church down through the centuries (the basic biblical understanding of the faith).

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