Foundational Building Blocks

I have this prophetic sense that the Lord is beginning to make some major adjustments to a number of major foundations building blocks in the Church and the Christian faith. Let me speak about three in this edition of the Prophetic Sense…

First, I believe that the Lord is speaking to His Church about the Jesus we are following. The Holy Spirit has begun to convict believers that the Jesus they are following, who they are worshipping, and who they are sharing with others is not the Jesus revealed in the Scriptures. It is another Jesus of their own design, their own vain imagination. A cultural Jesus, a religious Jesus built upon denominational presuppositions. This is a major issue today as Jesus came to reveal the Father and if we are not following the biblical Jesus then we also have a wrong picture of whom God the Father is (see the next “Prophetic Sense” to be posted June 15, 2011).  Challenge

Many have created a Jesus that allows them to live like the world and that allows them to remain comfortable and secure – not challenged or tested. They have a Jesus who is not making any demands on their lives and is allowing them to live in whatever manner they deem to be acceptable to “their god.” They do not believe in fulfill the commands of the Lord such as “going into all the world and making disciples…” and actually have created a god that will not hold them accountable or responsible.

This is now coming to an end and the Holy Spirit is speaking prophetically to many apostles and prophets (as well as some teachers) that we need to rediscover the real Jesus and begin to reveal the real Jesus to His people so that they can make some serious changes to beliefs and behavior.

Secondly, many do not truly know the Gospel of the Kingdom. Some have settled for a personal Lord and Savior as preached and taught by the Church and called the Gospel of salvation. However, this gospel makes converts of seekers and not disciples for the Lord. The Holy Spirit is beginning to convict many church attendees that they truly are not born again but simply “hold to an outward form of religion and yet deny the power…” power available to bring about life change. Many who have prayed a sinner’s prayer simply have not heard the true Gospel but have embraced “another gospel” and thus are deceived and need to repent with godly sorrow, be saved and become “new creatures in Christ.”

Thirdly, the Holy Spirit is convicting people that they are not following the Holy Spirit and thus are following “another spirit.” This spirit or demonic force is teaching doctrines that are not from the Lord. As Paul warned Timothy, “many will be deceived and carried away by the doctrine of demons.” Truly, many who have been caught up in various doctrines of demons.

One that is of prime concern is the manifestations currently infiltrating the Church today. Many are being deceived by soulish manifestations that are not of God. The true manifestations of the Holy Spirit are listed for us in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and will help believers to fulfill the call of God upon their lives – to seek and save the lost. Many (not all) of the other manifestations currently popular in churches worldwide are demonic and need to be rejected and repented of.

The Holy Spirit states: “For if someone comes to you and preaches a Jesus other than the Jesus we preached, or if you receive a different spirit from the one you received, or a different gospel from the one you accepted…”

Today, the Holy Spirit is speaking to the true Church of Jesus Christ and is asking the real disciples and true followers of the Lord to reject this false Jesus, false gospel, and other spirit. And, in so doing come to really know intimately the Father and His love whom the real Jesus came to reveal (see June 15th, 2011 Prophetic Sense)

 –  Ralph

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