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I received an email a few nights ago from someone in my city. I have met the man once. He is a believer who attends a church I don’t attend. It was a forward from the American Family Association. I really have no idea who they are… Here is the email as forwarded with the picture you see on this blog…

June 10, 2011

Old Navy is now selling “gay pride” T-shirts in support of President Obama’s proclamation designating June as “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month.”

Old Navy’s rainbow T-shirts are part of its “Love Proudly: Pride 2011” campaign. The shirts reportedly went on sale June 1 and will be available at select stores throughout the country. Old Navy is donating 10 percent of the proceeds to the “It Gets Better Project,” a pro-LGBT campaign.

The T-shirt designs include a white shirt with “Love Proudly” written in the colors of the rainbow, and a black shirt with rainbow-colored stripes.

According to reports, the T-shirts are being sold at some Old Navy stores until the end of June or until supplies run out. Old Navy is already saying they may increase the number of stores next year.


Homosexual activists are encouraging Old Navy to carry more ‘gay’ shirts in more stores next year.

Let Old Navy president Tim Wyatt know his decision to engage in corporate promotion and financial support of homosexuality is a bad idea, considering the number of mothers buying summer and back-to-school clothes.

So, I thought it might be good to jump into the discussion or campaign or whatever this turns out to be. Never one to beshy in expressing my opinion I wrote back to everyone who received the email I received … here is my email…

Hi Name…

You can’t expect a company that exists to make a profit to behave in a Christian manner. Companies cannot be Christian. They are in business to sell products. If you don’t want to buy a gay t-shirt then most certainly don’t. I certainly would not. However, as believers, to make a fuss over this promotion for Gay Pride Day simply reinforces our anti-homosexual reputation that born again believers have. It does nothing to win those in the gay community to true love as found only in Jesus Christ where they would find healing and wholeness. It simply turns them away and turns them off and rightly so.

Why is it that Christians apparently need to be known for what we are against instead of what we stand for. As someone who witnesses to non-believers daily, some of whom are in the gay lifestyle; and as someone who has seem many come to faith in Christ over the years – I believe these “make yourself known” negative campaigns need to end and we need to become known for what we truly stand for.

I wonder how many of those who will write Old Navy about this have even knowingly talked with an active homosexual about Jesus? And how many have even taken the time to sit and talk to them at all, about anything. I for one would never write Old Navy (not that I have ever shopped there) but would sit and talk with someone in the gay lifestyle and let them know I am a disciple of the Lord by my love for them – not by what I stand against. How many people who will write have ever visited a gay bar or a gay club and talked to those who do to know them and understand them better? How many who write in righteous indignation threatening to boycott Old Navy stores on moral grounds then sit at home and watch the pornography that is on late night cable or rent on-line pornography in the privacy of their homes. Why is the sin of homosexuality any more dangerous than any other sin? Why is it being focused on and brought center stage and yet we ignore sins such as bearing false witness commonly known as gossip and definitely a sin by biblical standards. The book of James says all sins are equal and yet we tend to emphasize one and not another.

Just some thoughts I believed I should share. Just my opinion which I felt I could share seeing I received an unsolicited email from you.

Closing thought – not in my email – if the concern is mothers who might buy these shirts while buying school clothes for their children – they have free will to buy whatever they want and if they desire to promote this lifestyle or are ignorant about the meaning of the shirts – well, so be it!

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    I agree.
    Time to stop this homophobic response to things we don’t agree with and start looking at all people, gays and lesbians, included, as lost souls who need a Savior.
    Isn’t that what He died for!!!!


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