Focused Leaders Meeting

Today (Saturday – your Friday night in North America) we head out to Manna Church’s building in Almaty to hold a joint leaders meeting consisting of leaders from Manna Church and House of Life Church from Burundai. Both are under the leadership and oversight of the same apostle. These are young leaders, some of whom I have worked with before on past visits to the nation.

The team had most of a day off yesterday and so had opportunity to catch up on some details of our ministries back in Canada. As well, we were able to take a 90 minute walk into the hills and visit a number of different graveyards (I know, we are strange). And, the day ended with an evening discussion over chocolates regarding how to communicate the Gospel in today’s world and to the younger generation and thus touch lives and grow churches. That’s a day off in my mind – no prophetic and no public meetings. You can tell we are reaching the end of the trip as we are spiritually if not physically weary. Not tired, just weary. Your prayers are appreciated.

Picture: the inside of the sanctuary at Manna Church where the meetings will be held today…

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