Fivefold Ministry Motivation – Part Six

As we continue our look at the motivation any minister should have and fivefold ministers are going to certainly need to develop we see that the fourth motivation is to understand that we must get the job done.

If our ultimate motivation is to complete the job, then we will look for the best way for this to happen. We can call this being “vision-driven.” This is different from being “driven by the vision.”

Being vision-driven is looking for the most effective way to get the job done using the most effective people to do it. Being driven by the vision is when the vision drives us to sacrifice things that the Lord is not asking us to sacrifice in order to fulfill the vision. Too often, things like health, family, and relationships take a back seat to those who are driven by the ministry. Not that sacrifices do not need to be made, but we should not make sacrifices that the Lord is not asking us to make.

We must listen closely to the Holy Spirit: He is vision-driven. He has a vision that will be fulfilled. We must follow His lead and do as He asks. Self-preservation causes a fivefold minister to say and do that which promotes himself and his ministry. If he feels threatened by those who seem more gifted or qualified, he may not ask them to minister. Self-preservation may hold him in a limbo state and hinder him from growing.

God wants us to be fruitful and continue to grow. It was self-preservation that caused the Pharisees to hate Jesus so much. They realized His teachings would take away their authority and control over the people, so they rose up against Him.

Someone once said, “Worth and value are not the same as level and function.” Success is being what God created you to be. If God has called you to usher people to their seats every Sunday morning, your reward will be the same as the apostle who is sent to plant churches. It comes down to faithfulness and obedience. God rewards faithfulness. He sees our heart motivation and knows why we are doing what we are doing.

The Lord is glorified when we bear fruit – when we are doing that we were created and called to fo. Whatever the aspect of ministry, God is glorified when you fulfill your ministry. “This is to My Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit, showing yourselves to be My disciples” (John 15:8).

As we conclude our look at motivations for ministry – before we have a look at how to finance the fivefold ministers – It is not wrong to feel good and be excited about ministry. We can be joyful about ministry because people are pointed to Jesus. We are not on stage, but instead Jesus is being lifted up and people are being drawn to Him.

When ministry takes place, we can be excited because people are ministered to by the Holy Spirit. We begin to see the Holy Spirit working in their lives. The Holy Spirit can do it better than anyone.

Another thing that happens during ministry is that the enemy is crushed. When God invades someone’s life, it brings tremendous joy because the domaine of darkness receives a blow. That in itself should bring a resounding “yes!” in our spirits no matter who is getting the credit for the ministry. When someone scores a goal the whole team rejoices because they know that they win or lose as a team. As a team, they are vision-driven. If only we could grasp the same concept in the Church!

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