Fivefold Ministers and the Local Church – Part Six

At times the fivefold ministers miss seeing and calling out a gift or calling on someone’s life. This can happen for many reasons. If this is the case it is perfectly alright and permissible for the individual to approach the church leadership, including resident fivefold ministers, and ask if he can be mentored in his gift. An individual should share what he senses about his gift and submit it to the local leadership for their discernment. They may say that more development and experience is needed, or ask that the person attend some training sessions or other times of impartation relating to their gift and calling. But, the gift and calling is recognized which is the start of developing that gift and calling.

As the person submits the gift and calling to the leadership, they will, in time, sense the heart of the person and trust will be built. When trust is built, the person is well on their way to seeing their gift publicly recognized and released. Of course, the person must show personal initiative by coming to meetings prepared to ask questions, by reading books and asking questions, and going to hear and experience others who have the same calling or gifts. It is up to the person to work to see his gifts and calling develop and so he must be proactive and initiate meetings and learning experiences. He can be guided and directed by leaders but they are not there to motivate and push him.

Another aspect of the way that fivefold ministers work in and relate to the local church … Fivefold ministers submit to those in authority.

It is a fallacy for the fivefold minister to think that once he starts to move in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, he does not have to submit to the authority of the leaders of his local church and the leaders of the churches where he travels to minister. He may have a stronger set of gifts and a more powerful calling upon his life, but the leaders have been placed in the local church by God and they are thus the authority for that body of people. He must submit both locally and trans-locally

Fivefold ministers are members of a local church. As such, they should always be willing to be mentored by those who are placed in spiritual authority over them (Hebrews 13:17). When the Lord places individuals in a local church, He does so for their protection and not to hold them back. There is tremendous freedom in that. And, when the fivefold minister travels out to other churches he again submits to those the Lord has placed in authority over that local assembly. When his time ministering is finished as he travels from place to place the local leaders are the ones who are responsible to God for all that has transpired during his time with them. Thus, he must submit to their authority.

For example, when I am travelling I try my best to do all that the local leader requests of me. Even if it has been a long day and I am tired, if he asks me to go with him to visit someone he knows or another pastor he relates to I always say yes. I am there to serve him. If someone comes up to me and asks if they can have time with me because they are in need of counsel; I tell them to ask the pastor and if he says “yes” then I will certainly do as he asks. I am there submitted to the local authorities and to serve them.

Going back to the local home church of the fivefold minister… It is important to understand that the fivefold should speak into the leadership of the church and give them advice when asked. But, it is also the leadership team’s responsibility to make the final decisions as to how it will be carried out. Likewise, leadership teams need to listen to and take advice from the fivefold ministers or things will come out the wrong way at the wrong place at the wrong time.

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