Fivefold and the Local Church – Part Four

Let’s look a little closer at accountability before leaving this topic.

A fivefold individual ministers within a sphere or field of influence where he is called. Thus his sphere of ministry establishes to whom he is accountable. Because, as he travels, he submits to the regional leaders and is accountable to them. He does not come in over them to control but under their authority to serve. Thus, he is accountable to them for what he does and does not do in the area.

A fivefold individual ministers within a local church – from a small house church to a mega church – and receives accountability for his ministry from the local leadership team of that local church. Again, he comes in under their authority and with their permission to serve them and relates and reports to them.

A fivefold trans-local individual can also minister in a family of churches and thus would receive accountability from the apostolic leadership of that family of churches – or, from an outside apostle that comes in to the family of churches. However, accountability for his personal life comes mostly from the leadership team of his local church (see yesterday’s blog) he attends. In brief, there is some prayer support that comes from the apostolic leadership of the family of churches, but most of the practical accountability comes from those who walk with him in everyday life in his local church.

A fivefold trans-local individual ministers to the body of Christ at large but he cannot be accountable in any proper depth within each ministry situation. Accountable for what he ministers but not for who he is. So, in this regard he continues to see his accountability structure while travelling and ministering to the church connected to the apostolic leadership of the local church or the family of churches that releases him to travel. Those that sent him out. There is some accountability as well from “apostolic fathers” in the church at large. Accountability for much of his personal life still comes from the local church. But if there is a problem with his personal life and the local leaders are unable to deal with it, the apostolic leaders should be brought in to assist the local leadership.

What this means in relationship to his ministry is that if Joe Prophet prophesies something over Jane Christian that is clearly out of order, it is the responsibility of the leadership that released Joe to deal with the issue and bring correction. If Joe is a fivefold minister in the local church, the local leadership team walks through the correction and adjustment. If Joe was released by the leadership to the family of churches or to the larger body of Christ, then the apostolic leadership needs to bring adjustment and correction because it is outside the field of ministry of the local congregation.


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