First Full Day In Russia

It has been a long day. It started with joint prayer at 7:00a, breakfast at 8:00, leaders meeting (heated and passionate at times and never boring) from 9:00a to 5:00p and then a quick supper, drive across town, and an evening service while the leaders continued to work in the retreat house we have invaded and taken over. The service went from 6:00 to 9:30p. Informal fellowship over left-over supper when we got back with just three of us – interpreter, driver and myself – as the leaders meeting was still in progress. Skyped with several young guys I am discipling in Armenia and Ukraine and then to bed – tired at 1:00a.

Tomorrow (Thursday) the schedule is 100% the same … The topic for the leaders is looking ahead to 2030 and to imagine what their churches will look like. This they will do by looking to the Bible to see what the early church was like and how it functioned. Today we simply looked honestly at what is existing at this point. Then Friday we will look at how to get from where we are to where we believe God would have us. It is good apostolic work of laying new foundations for increased effectiveness and accomplishing God’s will.

Pictured about – teaching my driver (an elder in Moscow) and an elder here in Voronezh – to prophecy over one of two brothers who attended the first evening service coming in from another traditional church. They found out that they were an apostle and prophet to be working together and I am meeting with them later Thursday night to help them to get started on this new journey.

Thanks for praying – your prayers are greatly appreciated and treasured greatly. You are a vital part of what the Lord is doing here in Russia and my continuing work in Armenia. Please pray for some connecting work I am doing with a well-established apostle in Ghana, Africa as I want to travel with him for a few weeks to learn from him and build some new relationships. He is a very experienced and wise man of God.

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