First Day – New Trip

As this first blog in a series is being posted for another apostolic trip into Eastern and Central Europe I will be boarding a plane to Calgary on my way to Yerevan, capital city of Armenia via London, England. I will arrive at my destination late on Tuesday evening local time. Your prayers for safe travel, good connections, and good weather would be greatly appreciated. It would be good to arrive on time as begin to minister as scheduled.

I begin with a three day school for 150 leaders and pastors of local churches in a network of churches there. I will be working in the mother church and the leaders will be coming to me so I have little travelling to do once I am on site and ready to minister. The school runs for three days. Then I am teaching on the prophetic to the leaders of the mother church only as the leaders of the satilite churches head home to prepare for Sunday. On Sunday I minister to the main church in Yerevan and spend time in fellowship with the senior leader – Raffi Shahverdyan.

Monday I will tour some historical sites as it is a special day in the nation as they commenorate a genecide that wiped out almost 2 million Armenians. I will also spend time during the day talking about and planning my future ministry in and to this nation. In the evening I will be doing a public service in the city of Ararat.

Tuesday at 4:00a I will be in the main airport on my way to Russia – a 6:00a flight.

Thanks for praying and being a vital part of this trip and its success.

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