Finishing a Good Work – YOU! (Part One)

Philippians 1:6 refers to the work that God is doing in us and also then through us as we touch others with His love, grace, and mercy.

“He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion.”

God has some unfinished works in your life right now. Something’s missing. Something’s incomplete. There may even be things you look at and see no way that something good can come of them. They may look now just like big messes.

But, let me remind you … God’s not dead and God’s not done!~ God wants you to know that even though some things in your life look unfinished, He is still at work. He is still doing His creative and brilliant work in your life.

There are two kinds of unfinished works of God:

1> There’s the work He’s doing in you: He who began a good work in you…”

2> There is the work He is doing through you: “We are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10).

These are both current, moment-by-moment works of God’s grace and favour.

Sometimes God has to make us bigger on the inside before He can bring increase on the outside. This was the case with Christopher Columbus (see blog “Don’t Settle In Spain – April 24, 2020). As told in a legendary story, Columbus’s inspiration to venture out of Spain was most likely connected to the day that one of his ancestors, Stephen Columbus, saved the life of a Spanish monk named Romon Lull. Lull was preaching the gospel on the African coast when he was beaten and lay near death. Stephen was one of the men who picked him up, treated his wounds, and attempted to bring him home to Spain.

As they were crossing the Mediterranean, Lull lay in the bow of the boat and, in one of his final moments of life, pointed his finger westward over the horizon and said, “Beyond this sea which washes this continent we know lies another continent we’ve never seen . . . Send men there, send men there!”

These words lived on in the minds of the men who rescued him and were passed down through the generations to a young Christopher, who became convinced that God had chosen him to spread the gospel to the land beyond the seas. It took years of appealing in the royal courts before Columbus received permission to actually set sail. But he refused to give up because he believed there was more beyond Spain (see previous blog). 

God worked all those years in him causing him to think beyond the sea, to unknown continents. For al those years God was at work in him because of what He wanted to do through him. Although he was surrounded with signs that said, “No More Beyond,” God was using audacious prophetic words passes down through his family to make him bigger on the inside than the messages surrounding him.

God works in us first. If we listen closely, we’ll see He is at work in you and me right now. He’s telling us He’s not finished working in us and through us. His incomplete work is not His final work. 

But we often become discouraged because of how things look right now. We wonder what is really happening and that leads to speculation, assumptions, and uncertainty.

We will look at this next time….