Financing the Fivefold – Part Six

There are some danger signs to avoid when dealing with financing the fivefold ministry…

Talking about finances is always an issue that is close to the heart of every individual because finances are such a vital part of our lives. When we discuss finances there are always some things that we need to be aware of because if they are not dealt with, they will cause us to stumble. Here are some danger signs to avoid:

1> Dictating to God how to supply the needs of your family and ministry. If He is calling you to a be fivefold minister, then allow Him to tell you how He is planning on supporting you and your family while you do it. You will become frustrated and sometimes angry if the Lord does not come through in the way and method that you thought He should.

2> Comparing how God is meeting your financial needs with how He is meeting the needs of other fivefold ministers. He is the Supplier of your needs. Allow Him to do it in His fashion, according to His plan. Of course, you can observe how the Lord fills another person’s financial needs to spark some creativity in your own life as to how the Lord might supply your needs.

3> Seeing one area of provision as more spiritual than another, and it becomes an idol in your heart. God can use any number of ways to fill your financial needs. One way is not more spiritual than another. You must weed out those sentiments before you are placed into fivefold ministry. If you trust any one area as being more spiritual you get your eyes off of the Lord.

4> Not being willing to pay the “timing price.” Often finances are used to tell when a ministry is to be launched. It is all part of the training as well. The Lord uses the process of meeting your financial needs to prepare us spiritually for ministry. Our value system of finances may need to be overhauled, and it may take time to do that. Developing a financial track to fill our personal and ministry financial needs is always met with attack from the enemy. We need to know when we must stand against his devices and when it is purely the Lord saying, “It is not time yet, son.”

5> Expecting another person, mission agency, or church to provide the funds to fill your financial needs. Let’s get it straight right now. Your trust and focus cannot be on other individuals. Sometimes we can look at a successful businessman or woman and think that they should be giving some of their money to us. When we begin to see others as our source, we take our eyes off of the Lord as our Provider.

Jesus told His disciples not to be ashamed to earn their living from the gospel, “for the worker deserves his wages.” I believe the Lord is giving fresh wisdom for many unique ways fivefold ministers can raise the financial support they need to enter into and stay in full time trans-local ministry.

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