Financing the Fivefold – Part Four

How do we finance the fivefold ministry? We have been looking at this particular issue and problem for a few days. let’s continue…

Living from the Gospel

Those who preach the Gospel should live from the Gospel, according to 1 Corinthians 9:7-14. Galatians 6:6 says, “Let him who is taught the Word share in all good things with him who teaches.”

There are some fivefold ministers who have taken the step of faith and gone on the road, so to speak. This concept may conjure up ideas of an evangelist in a white suit with a mailing list. He blows into town, teaches a powerful message, has people sign up for his newsletter and then they are on his mailing list for years as he continues to send them material asking for finances to support what he is doing in other parts of the world. While this is not inherently bad, the problem comes when people begin sending him their tithe money that should e going to the local church.

Although the fivefold minister will pray for us when we send him a contribution with a prayer request on it. He is not going to take our spiritual growth personally. If one of our children gets sick. we are not going to call him to meet us at the hospital. These are the tasks of the local leader who should be paid from the tithes of the people.

We must be practical – a travelling fivefold minister cannot be our pastor, and we should be tithing to the storehouse, our local church, where we are receiving personal care and concern for our lives as well as being feed a steady diet of God’s Word.

Certainly, the travelling fivefold minister who lives from the Gospel is worth investing in. However, when they are earning their living through their travelling ministry and only through their ministry it can be quite difficult. Love offering are not always big and a fivefold minister does not usually minister every night but rather a few times on a weekend. However, his bills come in on a daily basis and need to be taken care of.

I believe that whether a fivefold minister is ministering to a small house church or home group or a large mega church, an opportunity for people to sow into the individual’s ministry should always be given. We need to be generous in blessing those who minister trans-locally. In doing so, as people and leaders, we are teaching others, by example, that it is good and godly to give.

Another method of financing a fivefold minister is to honour the one that a church or network (union) of churches sends out.

1 Timothy 5:17-18 tells us the labourer us worthy of his wages. Sometimes the local church leader will be supported as he ministers for a season in another part of the world. This, more or less, puts him in the trans-local category at least for a season. Because of their relationship with him and an affirmation of his gifts and calling, the church leadership team feels led of the Holy Spirit to continue the support of the outgoing minister for a season of time. It is almost as if he is on staff with the local church but absent. This can be for a short season or even a longer period. Communication and relationship must be continued, and leadership teams should evaluate yearly who they are supporting and how much they give toward support. The minister is counting on that support, so if there is going to be a change, church leadership should make sure that they let the individual know in advance. Give them at least three months notice so they can make preparations for the change.

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