Financing the Fivefold – Part Five

Let’s quickly look at three other methods of financing tans-local fivefold ministers as they minister…


Proverbs 13:22 says a good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children. Some families have used inheritance money as God’s provision to support them as tans-local fivefold ministers and church planters. This frees the person from the need to work a regular job that would prevent him from travelling. The person would need to be wise in managing his investments and make wise decisions on spending and investing. However, he would be free from having to report to a regular job and could use his time and energy to develop his trans-local fivefold ministry.

Investments and business

In the Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-18, Jesus brings home the point that we should be faithful and multiply the talents He has given to us. Some successful businessmen who have been blessed to use their talents wisely give a season in the latter part of their lives to developing their fivefold call into full time. Those who have high paying jobs and are able to retire early with a substantial pension are especially blessed in this way.

The ant method (work and save)

Proverbs 6:6-8 tells us that ants “labour hard in the summer, gathering food for the winter” (Living Bible). Some individuals work hard and save for a season and then use the money that is saved to support their fivefold ministry. I know of several fivefold ministers who worked many years and got to a level financially that they were now financially free to go into full-time ministry. A case in point could be an owner of a company, who delegates others to run the business, leaving him the flexibility to go into full- or part-time ministry. Or, someone who has a seasonal job can make a year’s living in six months of the year and then can travel freely to minister the remaining six months.

Count the cost

Common sense tells us that we must count the cost before starting a project (Luke 14:28-30). Unmet expectations bring a death blow to many trans-local fivefold ministers. In light of this, the following questions may be of help to a person as a fivefold minister to count the cost regarding how the Lord will meet your financial needs.

1> Has the Lord really called you to trans-local ministry?

2> Do you know the way that the Lord is leading you to raise the support that you will need?

3> What should you be doing right now to start the process of raising a sufficient financial base?

4> Are you willing to count the cross and “bear the cross?” If God’s choice of provision is not the same as yours, this may be your cross to bear.

5> When on door of provision closes, am I willing to allow God to open another?

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