Final Day of Ministry

I am on my final day of ministry for this trip – other than time talking to others about Jesus on the various planes and airports on my way home on Monday. It is Sunday here and the day is just coming to an end as you receive this blog. We are ten hours ahead of Central Canada and the USA.

I ministered today in Power Source Church in the city of Novomoscovsk (New Moscow) and God was, as always, gracious to us and powerful. I gave my testimony in the morning service and did just a little prophetic ministry. Then, in the afternoon, as we wrapped up a five day prophetic conference, I taught for just a few minutes and spent several hours ministering prophetically. The people, as always over here, are hungry to hear from God and to know more about His will and His plans and purpose for their lives.

Then we drove for 3 hours into the city of Moscow and a very small hotel (8 rooms) where we have stayed before. It is close to the airport and they have a van that runs us into the airport in the morning. We usually come in to Moscow late at night as there is less traffic – although still substantial. It also shortens the first of two travel days as you get the driving done the night before the first flight.

Please be in prayer for Monday and Tuesday – I leave for one of the four Moscow airports at 6:30a on Monday… arrive home on Tuesday afternoon body time and Monday night local time. It is about 30 hours of airports and planes… Please pray for good weather, connecting flights and no issues with security, breakdown of planes, delays, and all the other things that interfer with getting home on time. Greatly appreciated.

PICTURE: Learning to prophesy in-spite of the cold temperature in the building

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