Received a “mail notification” through my web site today. There are several places you can write an e-mail direct to me. Booking me to speak is the one this person chose to use. This man decided, I suspose, that he didn’t like my ministry or something on my web site offended him. Here is what I received (I have removed his name and e-mail address)

How do you live with yourself?
Quite well, I supposed… whore ministries always flourish

A little rattled I thought of a number of things I would like to do with this … delete it, ignore it, pray for the man, respond, none of the above, all of the above). This is the first negative comment we have received in the 8 months we have been on line with the web site. Gee, maybe we are doing something right and so we are now ‘under attack’. Who knows!

Now, the only time I have heard the word “whore” referred to in ministry is when the minister or leader is receiving excessive amounts of money for the ministry that they do. Or, when a minister of the Gospel only accepts speaking engagements that make him substantial sums of money for his time spent preaching and ministering. Or, when ‘prophetic words’ are sold to those wanting them.

The funding for this ministry comes from the sale of products and my speaking engagements. As well, we have a set fee for anyone asking for a prophetic/apostolic consultation to help cover the ten to fifteen hours work that goes into this exchange and word given.

All money earned in ministry trips, product sales, and consulting (as well as any gifts and donations) is placed directly into the ministry funds and used to pay bills and office expenses – such as this web page. At no time have I ever received any funds as a salary during the 8 months that Ralph Howe Ministries has been functioning. Nor is a salary likely in the near future. What funds are left over after expenses are paid goes to supporting ministry to churches that cannot afford the expense of bringing me in to minister (plane fare, hotel and meals – again, no salary). And, the remainder goes to mission trips we take – such as the one scheduled for November where we will spend over 2 weeks ministering in Ukraine without this costing the host churches anything.

So, if this word “whore” is being used because for my work of teaching, ministering, and prophesying I receive funds and thus I am selling the ministry and thus protituting the anointing – wrong! No salary.

However, even if there were a salary (and we hope there will be by the end of 2009) there is nothing wrong with those who minister receiving their income through doing so. The Bible states clearly that the workman is worthy of his hire and that those who teach the Word of God are worthy of double honour (actually referring to salary). I simply don’t know where this idea of being a “whore” comes from. So, in time, a monthly salary will be set and paid regardless of the level of income the ministry earned that month. A set salary geared to the time spent and work done and not dictated by the amount of money the ministry is bring in monthly.

Don’t know if the man who wrote the comment is a believer or not. It is obvious that he is wounded and speaking out of this woundedness. I will pray for him. Here is the advice I sent to him by return e-mail. “Something we taught our 6 children when they were growing up – comes out of the old Walt Disney Bambi movie – Thumper the rabbit says it: ‘If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.’ It may be poor English but it would be good advice for you to grab hold of.”

Good advice for all of us to follow as we handle the critics in life.

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  1. Karen
    Karen says:

    Well done! It’s always brings yucky feelings when someone is cruel or abusive. If you’re like the rest of us, the first thing you did was to ‘check your pulse’, (calm down and run back over what was said a few times to clarify if there was any truth to it or was it an unjustified rant.)
    Sounds like you did and came to the right conclusion that you are not responsible for the other person’s mouth. We can and will pray for him, but ultimaltely he should be in control of himself. Again, well done! Perfect responce.


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