Faith Not Funds

I have a serious burden to see the true Church of Jesus Christ rise up and become the powerful force upon the earth He always meant it to be. This burden – this passion – is fueled by faith in Jesus who said He would build His Church and the gates of Hell would not overtake or prevail against it. I believe that even religion and all the spirits behind this man-made attempt to please God and control man cannot stop what God wants to do.

I am passionate about what I do. I will drive or fly anywhere within my metron (sphere of authority) believing that the door opened for this ministry was opened by God and He meant for us to enter through the door. I will do this regardless of the size of the church or the group inviting me – and regardless of their ability to pay my expenses or contribute to my living expenses. My passion and my ministry are not fueled by funds but by faith. I walk by faith and not by sight. I live by faith simply believing God for funds to travel, give away, pay salaries for two full-time staff and a computer man who is paid by the hour, as well as pay all operating expenses for three offices – two in Canada and one in Eastern Europe.

I believe this ministry was birthed by God as I had no desire to travel to other nations and had never dreamed of impacting people, churches, and nations by teaching God’s Word, training people to walk in the supernatural and flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and equip leaders – mentoring and releasing them into full-time ministry. I believe God is bringing the constant expansion we have experienced and that we continue to see as we certainly don’t advertise or ever request a place to minister… we simply respond to offers that we receive. Again, we respond by faith and not by funds.

Does it get hairy some days? Yes! Many days the needs are great and immediate and the funds are not there. But each time God had a plan that we could not see. And, each time God works His miracle and we do what we were called to do and honor Him. That is why it is so important to have faith in the future and to keep working towards our goals even when the odds seem stacked against us – and they often are.

We serve a wonderful God and as we respond to the moving of His Spirit and walk in faith – believing and trusting – then Jesus said, “It will be done according to your faith.”

Thank you for standing in faith with us over the last three years and we are thankful for your continued prayer support as we enter our fourth year of full-time apostolic ministry and expand to still another three new nations. Blessings to you for your encouraging words and your prayers. We serve a wonderful God who is doing great and wonderful things today in His Church and through His Church in the world. We are honored to be playing a small part in all that He is doing.

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