Faith Forward

If God is calling you to go, you’re going to have to leave where you are. And you sure don’t want to miss out on what He’s doing, Years from now, you could be looking back on this time in your life and realize, “That was the day my life and my story changed. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I decided it was what God wanted, and now I’m part if this great community of believers. I had no idea how different our lives would be.”

The key is that you will need to step out in faith – leaving what you know, what you are comfortable with, what you are good at – to reach forward and grab hold of what God is asking you to do. And, here is what I know: If you don’t try, you will never know what might have happened. You will live with regret always wondering “what if…”

What if God’s calling you to get involved in some ministry or even to start a new one? As soon as a few months from now, you could find yourself sharing your story:

      • “It blows me away how much it has already changed my life to serve inner-city kids.”
      • “I never would have guessed I had so much to offer the youth at my church.”
      • “I always felt like I should help repair cars for people in need. I don’t even know how it happened, but I started fixing cars for people on weekends, and all of a sudden, a whole bunch of other people pitched in. Now we have a blast together, and we’re impacting the lives of the families we’re serving.”

None of this can happen if you never take the first step. You need to move forward in faith. Faith Forward!

Take the first step. Quit making excuses. Whatever it is that you’re suppose to go and do, write it down and remind yourself what your heart already knows. There is this ‘direction’ in your heart calling you to move forward in faith. Everyone has one…

I know what it feels like to start asking yourself questions. “God, I’m afraid. I need details! What’s going to happen? What you’re asking me to do sounds hard.”

And God may answer, “First of all, I don’t give my children a spirit of fear, so that’s not coming from me. You don’t need details. You need faith. And yes, it will be hard. But I didn’t call you to an easy life. I called you to a faith-filled life. Put your trust in Me. Let Me handle the details. I’m pretty good at them.”

So, take that step of faith. Go, even when it would be easier to do nothing. Venture where God is calling you despite what others say. Trust Him with the details. Faith Forward.

As I have been writing this blog entry I have been thinking about the book writing I have been nibbling at. I think about it more than work at it. I love to write and work with words. I love to research and collect information. I love to organize and put thoughts and materials together and come up with something that will help others, teach others, encourage others. But, I am hesitant to disrupt the established routine and make a definite, foundational commitment to writing the books that I know He wants written and written by me. 

So, in my research for this blog I came across the following comment: “Is there a book burning inside you? Set the book free. Take the first step. Quit making excuses. Start writing some notes and getting your ideas organized during your lunch breaks. Then on evenings and weekends, or early in the morning before you go to work, fire up your laptop and write.”


Then I remembered that one of my favourite authors wrote his first book (first of very many) while working full time in another professional job. He simply got up 30 minutes earlier and wrote one page a day. The book sold millions of copies and even became a popular movie produced by Hollywood. One page a day… 

So, I am taking my own advice – faith forward!