Extroverts and Experts

Many believers think that they are excused from telling others about Jesus because they do not have the gift of evangelism. In other words, evangelism should be left to those who are gifted in that area and are thus experts. Please note: there is no such gift and there are no experts. Others believe it is good for the extroverts to tell others but because they are introverts they are somehow excused from telling others about the Lord. Please note: that too is a misunderstanding and a justification for total disobedience.

As someone who is neither an extrovert nor an expert I can say that it is the call of every born again believer to be telling others about the night-and-day-difference that Jesus has made and continues to make in their life. We are to be building relationships with people we contact regularly because we love people with the love of the Lord. And, because we love them, we will make an opportunity to share Jesus and the Gospel of the Kingdom with those we relate to. Please note: we make opportunities – we don’t simply wait for them to come along because they seldom do.

And, in our regular daily life – here is good advice: walk through the crowd slowly and touch as many lives as you can simply by taking time to talk to each and every person you meet in any given day – the lady who serves you at the restaurant, the one who makes your coffee at Starbucks, the person at the till when buying groceries, the one you pass when walking your dog. God loves everyone and wants everyone to come to know Him. So, you will not meet a person today who is not very important to God. Treat them as if they are important to you as well – because they should be.

In your every day activities – each and every day – make opportunities to tell others about Jesus. And, if you will go fishing (evangelize) you will catch fish (people). Remember, you are to bring people in – grow them up – and then send them out to impact others …. You don’t bring them to salvation to sit – you raise them up to serve and to be like you – a disciple, a follower, a fisher of men. So, bring them in – grow them up to be like you – and then send them out to “go into all the world…” and share Jesus like you do. It really is that simple.

Your call – the foundation of all other calls, gifts, or prophetic words … is to win the lost. Do this and make it a daily focus and event and then watch all those other gifts and prophetic words quickly fall into place. Called to be an apostle or a prophet and wondering what is happening or why nothing seems to be happening – then have a look at your heart and your life. Are you involved in the basic call that is upon your life – every Christian’s life – the call to “go into all the world and make disciples…”? If not, those other gifts and that major ministry calling – don’t worry about it. Won’t be happening!

Evangelism is not just for experts and extroverts – it is for all who call on the Name of the Lord and claim to be His disciples.

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