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As I minister in various nations and in a number of provinces within my own nation I see an issue that we need to deal with. I am calling it the need to have more exposure to Jesus. You see, I believe that if a believer, no matter how long they have been followers of Jesus, were exposed to the real Jesus as represented in the Gospels and then to the way the Church in the book of Acts put that personality into play through the working of the Holy Spirit in the Church… Then we would have a dynamic and very alive Church of Jesus Christ.

When people become really familiar with Jesus and find that He is irresistible – there is an amazing and permanent change that takes place. When people catch a glimpse of the real Jesus and fall deeply in love with Him, then you will have a burden for the lost and embrace winning the lost as a lifestyle. Once we are deeply in love with Jesus so much of the Christian faith that is currently missing will suddenly take front and centre. The Bible states: nothing can separate us from the love of God. The Bible states: Love covers a multitude of sins. The Bible states: Love never fails. The Bible states: Faith works by love. The Bible states: Love your God with all of your being. The Bible states: Love yourself and thus be able to love your neighbours. The Bible states: Without love you are simply hollow and empty.

So, because the Bible tells us that God is love. And, of course, Jesus is God. Then the more we come to know Jesus the more we will love. And the more we love the more we will show people the real Jesus. And, the more we love as a community of faith (the Church) the more we will expose our neighbours and friends to Jesus – the real Jesus. It is not rocket science. But, it is powerfully electrifying and builds with its own energy. And it is this energy that is contagious.

When you study the early Church and the book of Acts in particular you note that they had two topics of conversation – the resurrection of Jesus from the dead and the Kingdom of God … the resurrected Jesus and His Kingdom. Regretfully, much preaching and teaching today touches little of these two topics. Think about it: When was the last the that you heard a good and a biblical sermon on the Kingdom? And, how many sermons that you have heard over the past three months have actually dealt with Jesus. I am not talking about what He can do for you or what your blessings or inheritance is in Him. I’m not referencing the Jesus who supposedly promises that you will be prosperous and safe and secure not to mention comfortable. That’s not the real biblical Jesus. That is a man-made god that many believers around the world today worship. How many teachings have you heard recently about the real Jesus who demands total obedience and self-sacrifice?

Let’s dig deep in the Scriptures and personally discover (or rediscover) the real Jesus and fall deeply in love with Him. Then so many other things will simply fall into place – tithing, evangelism, prayer, worship, holiness, discipleship, church planting…

Exposure to Jesus on a daily basis in our time with Him and in everyday life is what is missing and it is what will bring life and energy making the Church that He is building powerful and dynamic and something that cannot be ignored.

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