Every Paul needs a Timothy

Pictured to the left is Bill Lewis who is my mentor and who leads on the churches I work with on a regular basis in Ohio in the United States. My next trip to minister in two churches will be in July, 2013. While with him ministering, teaching, meeting with people, trouble shooting, prophesying I watch him very closely and learn from him. While I minister to his people I am being ministered to by him. How you ask? I watch how he interacts with people and pick up a few hints; how he leads a worship service and changing my approach ever so slightly; how he makes himself available and yet protects his family life and personal time – major adjustments in my life upcoming. I watch the way he works with his leaders and make minor adjustments. I am taking note and making notes all the time. And, of course I ask him countless questions as we sit over a late night decaf coffee or as we drive from one town to another for the next appointment.

He is my mentor – this is what you do when with your mentor! You don’t have one? Shame on you. Every believer is to have someone who is discipling and mentoring them. This is not my idea; this is the way Jesus designed it. Every disciple is to be discipled and every disciple must be discipling someone… Every Paul needs a Timothy and every Timothy needs a Paul. You are to both a Timothy and a Paul – being discipled and discipling… No excuses. Just do it
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