Every Member a Minister

Ralph Howe Ministries recognizes that every member is a minister and all disciples of the Lord have a call upon their lives to bring the power of the Gospel to others. We also recognize that in ministry there are three types of people… Those who watch it happen, those who make it happen and those who wonder what happened.
We are working hard at training and equipping disciples of the Lord so that we don’t have any in the first group – those just watching what is happening. The Christian faith was never meant to be spectator sport where the many watch the few work themselves to death. The Church was designed by the Lord to see everyone involved – every member of the body doing its part.

We are working hard to offer all members of this Church and others opportunities to be discipled, trained and equipped so that they can then fulfill the call of God on their lives and become one of those who “make it happen.” This means they will become strong in the things of the Lord and reach out to the lost and see them brought in to the Kingdom as a result. All believers need to be discipled – they have become new creatures in Christ and now need to learn the disciplines that enable their new life to grow and mature. Failing this they remain infants and will always be immature and weak in their faith.

Those that have been discipled then need to be trained in the basic doctrines of the faith so that they know what they believe and why. This allows them to gain spiritual muscle to then “earnestly content for the faith” as we are called to do.

Once the training is accomplished the disciple then needs to be equipped to understand and flow in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and walk in the supernatural. At this point they should be looking for leaders who can continue to mentor them.

If a disciple of the Lord does not pursue this path they will end up in the third group – wondering what happened and missing what God is doing.

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