Evangelism Principle #3

The third evangelism principle is make the Gospel clear. Again, over the years I have asked young and old believers to come to the front and share the Gospel with those in attendance. Most times it is just an unorganized jumble of words, thoughts, and beliefs strung together making little to no sense. In one case I remember being so confused that I even wondered if I was saved at the end of the presentation. I have watched pastors share the Gospel from the front of the church during a service – they don’t do any better most of the time. We need to learn to make the Gospel clear.

Here is one of the problems. It is clear in our minds. We are saved and we know what it means to be saved and how to get saved. But somewhere between the mind and the lips it gets all jumbled up and comes out very unclear and often simply no longer the Gospel. As a result people are not saved and believers actually think they have done their job and it is because of a hard heart that the person was not brought into the Kingdom. Wrong! It was because the believer did not know how to explain the Gospel in a manner that a non-believer could actually understand.

One of the reasons for this poor communications or lack of communications is that we have been talking to each other for so long and have forgotten how to talk to others about Jesus who don’t know Jesus. We use Christianese and thus communicated in a language and with words that they do not use and don’t understand. If they belong to a religion we are using similar words but with different meanings. Same results – a lack of clear and concise communications. The trumpet does not blow a clear note and simply leaves everyone confused.

The solution is simple. Learn the Gospel and then learn 6 or 7 ways to share it. Why so many? Because a person needs to hear the Gospel 6 or 7 times on average before receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior. And, if you only have one way to share it then they know you are following a format or a program and so are not speaking from your heart but simply from a script that you have learned or memorized. You need to make sure what you understand as the Gospel is the true Gospel. An then you need to practice the Gospel out loud until you get use to hearing yourself speak the words and talk about Jesus. Try standing in front of a mirror and watch how you are presenting Him and His message and make needed adjustments.

Believe me when I say, we are doing a very poor job in making the Gospel message heard and heard in a way that it will be understood and can be logically and rationally considered. Now, take that message to the streets and the highways and by-ways and learn to express it in ways that those you are relating to can understand it!

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