End of the Leaders School

We have just ended our regular annual three day leaders school… it was a tremendous blessing to all those who attended. We taught on leadership, prophetic evangelism, the gifts of the Spirit, and the ministry today of apostles and prophets (within the context of the five-fold ministry of Ephesians 4:11-15). At times this meant staying up late and rising extra early to write and, at times, rewrite material so as to customize it for those here at the School. It has been a tremendous three days and the team is fairly tired.

We are approaching the end of this apostolic trip with just 5 days left. We have a busy schedule set before us with a few “blank spots.” However, experience tells me that by the time these time slots come up on the schedule they too will be filled with worthwhile meetings, services, or time with pastoral couples helping them to either move their church into it’s future or prevent it from blowing up due to internal stress and crisis.

Today I taught on the changing call on every believers life and a second 90 minute section on prophetic evangelism… Both were well received. Bob and Irene also both taught and we had our final questions and answers session. We thought yesterday’s Q and A session was powerful and insightful – today’s was even more so.

Please pray for the team as we approach another weekend and both local church leadership training as well as Sunday services and ministry. Sunday and public services are going to run into Monday and Tuesday with the last service being one focused on the Gypsie population and ending just in time to pick up our bags and head to the airport for a 1:00a check-in time Tuesday night / Wednesday morning. We are looking forward to being back in Canada. Thanks for your prayers and please continue to pray for all that is happening here in Kazakhstan with your Christian brothers and sisters who live on the exact opposite side of this planet we all call home.

Picture: Training leaders to minister in the prophetic.

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