It is time for the Church to switch paradigms and begin to take a fresh look at the way we function and why we function that way. Here’s the problem – we are born into a paradigm and this paradigm is “normal” for us and often creates a mesmerizing effect on people in its orbit.

The only way to shift paradigms is through a work of the imaginationm which sees beyond the limitations of the status quo. Einstein quipped that you can’t resolve problems by using the same thinking that created those problems. But that is exactly what we have been trying to do in the Church over the past decade or more since it became obvious that the Church was in trouble and seriously ineffective.

Alan Hirsch states that what is needed and what is required are acts of imagination, intuitive leaps into framing other possibilities that lead us back to the most primal expression of the Church – the apostolic genius of Jesus. I agree – we need the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit as we imagine what can be and look at other possible ways of expressing God’s life through His people, the Church. And looking at the life and ministry of Jesus and the the life of Jesus expressed by the early Church as recorded in the New Testament would be a good start.

I have been doing just a study like this now for three years as time allows – and it is sparce at times – and have made amazing and wonderful discoveries as I see things with new eyes. It is like new revelations from old truths and simply amazing “pearls of great price” as I let the Holy Spirit show me these truths. I am writing a book on what I have discovered as I believe my discoveries can add to the current discussion that is on-going about the new apostolic paradigm and what the Church will look like in 20 years time.

It is time for a change and I believe the younger generation are the ones who will move the Church into her future as those who are in the 20s something age bracket really do believe that with God nothing is impossible and they are willing to risk everything to see what might possibly happen. I know as I work with them daily. The above picture is a young man called David – age 16 – who is on fire for God and deeply in love with Jesus and willing to do anything and go anywhere to serve Him.

Let’s let the younger generation have a say in what is being decided as we imagine what can be and allow God to reveal His plans for the Church that Jesus is building.

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