Early Morning Start

Arrived home from Sunday’s work at 11:00p and did a few last minute things before heading for some sleep. Three hours later up and at it for a full day of traveling and then an evening of ministering. Arrived at the Regina Airport at 4:55a and am now about to board my 6:52a flight to Denver and on the Burbank, California. I arrive just before 3:00p local time and so will have a few hours to settle in and get ready for the first night of 7 during my first visit to Revival Rains Church in the city of Glendale, California. Hopefully a little sleep before the service to be a bit more refreshed than I feel now. Monday mornings are always a bit of a push simply because of the output on Sundays.

Please pray that all connections are made and that I arrive on time. Please pray for this ministry to a church I will be just getting to know and will need to familiarize myself with things – elders, structure, location, spiritual forces…

Pray that God’s will be done and that each and every person involved will be blessed and that God will be glorified and honoured in all that we do. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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