Each Day Is Different – Russia #13

The last day of the first month of 2011 and I am ministering in the City of Mytischy in Russia. Thanks for your prayers for us and this apostolic trip. They are greatly appreciated. You have noticed if you receive the daily blogs automatically that there are two a day while I am away. This was a decision I made for a number of reasons.

First, there is just so much to write about and so much I would like to say not relating to apostolic trips. In fact, there are over 200 draft blogs sitting in the filing structure of the blogging program waiting for me to have time to develop the ideas. Secondly, not everyone is interested in my overseas travel and so I thought it wise to keep the regular daily blogs going and simply add a mid-day one on the trip which can simply be deleted by those who are not interested. Thirdly, it is my hope that it will encourage more prayer for the overseas work that this ministry is involved in so frequently.

The topic of teaching today is: “Now That You Have Received a Prophetic Word” and we will be teaching on what to do with the Word of the Lord that so many received yesterday during the Sunday service. And, because, as expected, we didn’t have time or strength to minister to 34+ leaders we will continue to minister prophetically tonight. I have had the morning “off.” This simply means there were no public events and so I had time with my administrator Miroslav to work on details for other trips into the former Soviet Union that are already scheduled for this year and next. However, we did manage a friendly chat as we went for a walk along the residential streets here in Mytischy. I admit – I was also looking for a cold Diet Coke.

Prayer need today – for the evening “in-house” ministry to leadership (only leaders in attendance) and that the Holy Spirit will move mightily and transform this network of churches into a powerful instrument in His hands.

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