Doing What God Has Called You To Do 

My spiritual life and personal walk with God is in a season for massive change. As a result, my ministry is in a season of flux as the things He is asking me to do are new and different than in the past. And those things that seem to be remaining the same – such as teaching and prophesying – are being done differently. So, I have been thinking deeply about change in this season of change.

To move from what you are doing now to what you want to do is a process. No matter if you are in ministry, in the business world, an academic, or simply someone who is sensing change in your spiritual life – there is a process you are becoming involved in. Here is what I am discovering and learning…


Darren Hardy, the publisher of SUCCESS magazine, says, “Picture where you are in [any] area, right now. Now picture where you want to be: richer, thinner, happier, you name it. The first step toward change is awareness. If you want to get from where you are to where you want to be, you have to start by becoming aware of the choices that lead you away from your desired destination. Become very conscious of every choice you make today so you can begin to make smarter choices moving forward.”

You cannot change direction if you aren’t aware that you’re not headed where you want to go. That probably sounds obvious. But have you taken the time to look at where your current choices and activities are taking you? Spend some time really thinking about where you’re presently headed. If it’s not where you want to go, then write out what steps you need to take to go where you desire to go, to do what you want to do. Make them as tangible and practical as possible. 

Will they definitely be the right steps? Maybe, maybe not. But you won’t know for sure until you start moving forward. As I have always said, “God can steer a moving car better than a parked one.”


You cannot win if you don’t begin! The people who get ahead in the world are the ones who look for the circumstances they want, and if they can’t find them, they make them. That means taking initiative. If means doing something specific every day that will take you another step closer to your desired goal. It means continuing to do it every day. Nearly all successes are the fruit of initiative. And, no step or change is too small. You don’t succeed by making major decisions resulting in major change. Solid, good, productive change takes place one small step, one small decision, one small change at a time. 


Few things prompt a person to follow through like accountability. One of the ways you can do that is to make your goals public. When you tell others about what you intend to do, it puts pressure on you to keep working on it. You can request that specific individuals ask you about your progress. It’s similar to having a deadline to keep you moving. You can even write things down as a form of accountability. That’s what Darren hardy suggests. He says that you should track every action that pertains to an area where you want to see improvement and change, whether it relates to finances, health, career, or relationships. “Simply carry around a small notebook, something you’ll keep in your pocket or purse at all times, and a writing instrument,” says Hardy. “You’re going to write it all down. Every day. Without fail. No excuses, no exceptions. As if Big Brother’s watching you. Doesn’t sound like much fun, I know – writing things down on a little piece of paper. But tracking my progress and missteps is one of the reasons I’ve accumulated the success I have. The process forces you to be conscious of your decisions.”


If you become aware of the steps you must take to do what you want to do, take action, and become accountable for following through, you will begin to produce the behaviour you desire and you will start getting closer to doing what you want to do. And that will start to result in a positive side effect: You start attracting like-minded people. 

John Maxwell taught me that “Who you are is who you attract.” That is true in every aspect of life. As your mother used to say, “Birds of a feather flock together.”

If you want to be around growing people, become a growing person. If you’re committed, you attract others who are committed. If you’re growing, you attract others who are growing. This puts you in a position to begin building a community of like-minded people who can help one another succeed. 

So, God has called me to make some changes in what I do and how I do things. These are the four steps I have been working through to move from here to there. To move from what I have been doing to fulfill God’s plan for my life to doing new things and even some old things in new ways thus moving slowly towards the fullness of God’s changing call on my life. 

I have been taking time to review where I am at in my life and looking at where I know God wants me to be. And, as Jesus said, I’m counting the cost. But, now I am ready to make daily and consistent changes to bring me to this new place in my own life and in the ministry.