Dogs Teach Us…

For centuries we’ve been teaching dogs to perform tasks for us, but more recently, we have come to find that the dog is capable of teaching children and adults in ways that people can not.

1. Don’t hold grudges
A grudge will weigh you down emotionally and stop you from moving forward in your life. Create your own personal freedom by learning from your dog: your dog doesn’t hold grudges.

2. Play every day
Your dog loves to run, jump and chase. This is a reminder to play, exercise and move your body every day. Don’t chew the furniture though.

3. Practice happiness
Dogs have a special way of showing happiness: they wag their tails. We don’t have tails to wag, but the more we practice showing that we’re happy, the better we’ll feel. Try it. Jump, wiggle and shake your whole body. Your brain will release endorphins and bring about a happier state.

4. Love unconditionally
And forgive instantly. Your dog loves you without expecting anything in return. Also, don’t be afraid to show how much you love somebody. Greet a loved one when they come home from work; show them how happy you are to see them.

5. Give everyone a chance
Approach each individual that you meet without prejudice or reservation, and always be willing to make a new friend. Don’t judge straight away, and give everyone a chance.