Dmitry Morozov, pastor’s associate, Moscow

Just some words about what Ralph Howe Ministry has brought to my personal life.

To say that the ministry has encouraged me is not a big enough word in order to express mycondition before and after and describe the changes.I have a feeling that it was like a trigger for making a shot. InsomesenseI went unleashed, I seriously got interested in the gifts of the Spirit especially in the gift of prophecy. I realized that I was not taught in how to move in the gifts and now is the time to catch up. In the spiritual realm I see a serious movement; I began to realize many things in a new way and got a real desire to become a full-grown participant of the Kingdom and live supernatural life, hear the voice of the Holy Spirit and to know Him. Earlier I would often receive revelations from God for my life and now I started to receive words from the Lord for another people. I know that it is only the beginning.

I want to thank Ralph for his ministry and I thank God for making our ways cross each other.

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