Disciples = Soul Winners

Jesus said that we, as His disciples, are to follow Him and He would make us into soul winners. Jesus said that His disciples, as soul winners, are to go into all the world and reproduce – make more disciples. In fact, His command is to go into every nation (really ethnic and language group) for the purpose of planting the Gospel of the Kingdom so that He can build His Church. This is not an option but is literally the only reason the Church as an community of faith exists. This is our mandate as the true Church that Jesus is building.

The Church’s focus is shifting from just “gathering” to “gathering and scattering.” ‘Gathering’ to be trained and equipped and then ‘scattering’ or moving out into our neighborhoods and even the world reaching others for Jesus – making disciples as He commanded each of us to do.

Our focus is to encourage you to grow in your relationship with the Lord and become strong disciples reaching out to touch the lives of others with God’s love as found only in Jesus. Then, as people respond, to see them become born again and then discipled (by you) into strong followers and fishers of men. Disciples!

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