Disciple Making – Part Five

As we end this brief series on principles of discipleship – remember that there is no “best model” for making disciples. Don’t believe anyone who tells you otherwise. But there are essential and absolute principles that we can be aware of as we disciple others. Jesus modelled them and we can see them in action as we read the four Gospels. He didn’t do it the same way with everyone. And it didn’t work perfectly. There were many who came in the front door of Jesus’ ministry and just as quickly left through the back door. But it did work. The first disciples changed the world.

The same needs to happen in our churches. So we must make sure, however, we choose to do it, to invest in and create environments that can ultimately change people’s hearts, heads and hands. This will never happen by accident – it must be intention. Making disciples must be foundational to the life of the local church and the life of every believer in the local church. It must be part of the DNA of the church and be front-and-center in every event and activity that the church is involved in or is helping to sponsor. It cannot be an added program to an already busy event-filled program. It must be at the heart of everything the local church and all of its members do in life . It is a 24/7 happening. And, it must become as natural as breathing.

When this becomes reality in each disciple’s life and in the overall life of the church we will truly see the fulfillment of the Great Commission as the whole world comes to hear and know the life-saving Gospel of the Kingdom.

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