Day One in Krasnoarmeisk

First full day in Krasnoarmeisk, Russia – a city of 39,000 people with one functioning born again, Spirit-filled church which has 40 members. We are ministering for them. It is a three day engagement and we are talking about, demonstrating, and doing prophetic evangelism. It has been a fun day with a large number of people practicing prophecy as well as many receiving really decently in-depth prophetic words. The teachings were well received although we did get off to a slow start – maybe because it was Monday. The worship – powerful to say the least!

The day was over when we got a call from a pastor we relate to who had moved from Kazakhstan to Russia. We will be with him and in two other cities in May of 2012… he drove an extra 200+ kilometers out of his way simply to pop in and have a cup of tea and share some fellowship. I love Rusia just for this reason – fellowship is regarded highly and people are willing to go out of their way to share some – even though, at times, briefly. He was able to stay 30 minutes. It was a great visit – see the picture.

Some of you have been praying for over a year for a young man called Iliya and I am pleased to report that he is out of the hospital after a year of treatment and back in this his home church. He still needs prayer but today he got a powerful set of words (5 or 6 different people prophesying accurately) and we have connected in person. I hugged him hard and we will be talking in depth sometime during the remaining two days – see picture…

You could pray for our team – there are five of us from four different cities here at this stop on the almost three week trip … and we are doing well working together. However, we are looking for more fellowship time and it is hard to find. Please pray that we will find time to connect and touch hearts…

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